Valentine Deals in Vinnytsia this February-2021

February 4, 2021


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Valentine’s day is an excellent opportunity for brands to share the love. As a customer, it is an excellent opportunity to try out new products or services at the best rates. Here at NiPi, we have curated a collection of some of the amazing, incredible, and some cases mouth watering valentine’s deals out there. Here is our extended list of valentine’s deals and products in Vinnytsia you should check out.

1. Butter land Cakes and Treats.

“Every cake is baked with love, satisfying your taste buds and gladdening your heart is our delight”

Butter land Cakes capture the essence of all we love. It contains carefully curated gifts aimed at lavishing their customers and loved ones with the best they have to offer. The theme for this year? Val n Treats.

Each package is modeled after the Ruby, Jasper, and Gold gems.

Butter land cakes is currently taking orders till 11th of February and delivery starts from 12th to 16th of February. Delivery is to any city in Ukraine. Yay. 

Contact Number – +380638040309

2. Efe’s Bites.

“Efe’s delights sells meat pies, sausage rolls, peanuts, and fish rolls”

Efe’s delights offer premiere baked goods and pastries at the best prices. Their valentine’s day deal somehow manages to have more value than the usual.

Efe’s delights offer a pre-order option that’s good for all orders on or before the 10th of February and the delivery date for all items ordered is the 13th of February.

Contact Number – +380638416402, +380730192966 (WhatsApp)

3. Papel Exchange.

“Swift. Safe. Seamless”

Papel’s exchange offers the very best rates for sending money to Nigeria(only one way transaction, but the best rates). Papel’s services are fast and safe and can be accessed with just the click of a button.

These rates are not just for Valentine’s day either, and run all though the year. Additionally, Papel offers full time support for all transactions. P.S. They offer only way exchange(at least for now) – sending money (any currency) to Nigeria at the best rates possible!

4. NiPi Library.

“Rediscover the magic in every book”

Here at NiPi, we love to make great books accessible to everyone. That’s why NiPi is offering book rentals at discounted rates(50% discount on all books) to her community of readers. NiPi’s library of dozens of books is still growing and covers several topics and genres including but not limited to business, self-help, faith, and novels.

NiPi also allows the community to rent a book for a friend. These books being delivered right to your doorstep. So don’t wait, grab a book and share the Valentine love using this link.

5. FabHairSpace.

“Shoot your shot!”

The FabHairSpace tagline is popular, and so are their products. With FabHair you can achieve the perfect valentine’s day look.

For their promo, FabHair has created a palette of looks from Diva to Bella, to Honey to Ginger with each look guaranteed to make you look your best. Additionally, FabHair is offering a baseline discount of at least 5% on all products and an additional 5% for final year students. That’s a great deal if we’ve ever heard of one.

Check out their page on Instagram @fabhairspace

So there you have it. The very best Valentine’s day and week deals. Do you think we missed any? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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