About NeeditPinit.

NeeditPinit, is an online community of learners, thinkers, and entrepreneurs, who have come together to exchange ideas, services, ideals, skills, and opportunities to facilitate growth.

Our Story.

In 2020, NeeditPinit was made a reality by the efforts of a wonderful team of individuals, Robert, Chidera, Favour and Dominic (all students of Vinnytsia National Medical University, VNMU, Ukraine). The platform is built on the idea that armed with knowledge, a great network, and an opportunity, there is nothing a community cannot achieve. That is what we sought to create. A community. One that is knowledgeable, is connected, ready to create, and take advantage of opportunities.

Who we are.

NeeditPinit is a community and interactive experience focused on creating, collaborating, and sharing the things that matter. We work with students, entrepreneurs, and thinkers to bring ideas to life all the while creating a culture of wellness and wellbeing.

What we do.

We have created a platform to allow people to share the things that matter the most to them. These could be ideas, products, services, or even experiences that they and only they are uniquely qualified to bring to life. Do you have an idea for a blog post, product, service, roundtable discussion, experience, or an opportunity? We make bringing this to life as well as other aspects of execution possible. We help people and brands generate publicity and create awareness for these pieces of themselves that they offer. To this end, our brand offers blogging, entrepreneurial, social, educational, and creative platform to all members of the public to help create this value.

Highlights of NiPi

Love to engage with interesting, engaging blogposts and latest news? then this is a lovely place to be. Be sure of a steady stream of blogposts with a wide spectrum of topics ranging from education, life, news etc. So grab a cup of coffee, relax and enjoy! 

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Review the catalogues of your top entrepreneurs and business owners, book an appointment, support them, and patronize them. All in one place, one click away!

Students' Forum...

We connect with, contribute to and complement one another. You have a question? Someone has the answer. You have an answer? Someone has the question. So share freely. CONNECT. BUILD. ENJOY. All in one place.

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